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The mold problem is one of the most common air pollutant issues in everyday households. Molds can not only cause damage to the environment but can also hose some hazardous health issues. It is essentially important to get professional help for a complete advanced mold inspection. Whether it is the plumage leaks, smelly attic, or water damage, our skilled team of experts can help you test the molds with absolute accuracy.

If you are looking for the right help to eradicate mold growth in your building, Mold Testers 561 are here to the rescue. Our team of mold specialists will be happy to provide an all-in-one inspection throughout the Florida. With years of experience, our experts will ensure the best mold inspection services for the best solutions.

What is mold inspection and detection?

It is a testing technique used to detect mold growth in a locality. Molds grow in damp and humid environments. It is hard to find mold growth without advanced technological products and expert advice. Mold testing requires multiple air testing gadgets and certified expert supervision for effective mold remediation.

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    How does it work?

    Just call on our toll-free number 561-886-8241, and we will arrive at your location as soon as possible. Our certified specialists will look through your property and inspect the area affected by molds. A thorough visual assessment comes with advanced thermal imaging technology. This technique assists in locating the molds quickly for inspection. Furthermore, the mold sample is taken from the infected area, and the sample is sent to our advanced affiliated laboratories for mold testing.

    After careful indoor quality testing and advanced mold inspection, our skilled inspectors will provide detailed reports including, the results and recommendations. Our licensed services will ensure complete mold removal and plausible suggestions to avoid mold attacks in the future. We assure safe, quality-assured, licensed work to our clients across the Florida, USA.

    Moreover, we offer high-tech solutions with affordable inspection services. We value our customers’ well-being over everything. So, we offer free on-call consultation to our clients to discuss about the mold growth. Our dedicated staff reaches the affected property and work with advanced technological equipment to eradicate mold growth from your house.

    Our Services

    • 24/7 free customer consultation
    • Free customer advice on call
    • Complete mold inspection
    • Thermal imaging technology
    • Mold types identification, detection and inspection
    • Mold sample collection
    • Lab testing
    • Indoor air quality test
    • Aftermath report with results and suggestions
    • Complete mold removal (Including Black Mold and White Mold Type)

    Where do we inspect?

    Our specialists start by inspecting the entire property for any mold traces. Our visual inspection is suitable enough to find the source of mold growth. Our mold testers will look at your ceiling, floor, attic, store, walls, or underneath your bed. We will look for molds around the house and collect samples for effective remediation. No matter where the hiding mold resides, our specialists will come to help you! We inspect homes, offices, stores, warehouses, damp storage rooms, or other residential areas. Just give us a call at 561-886-8241, and we will be there to the rescue.

    Seven alarming situations that require mold inspection services:

    Molds may leave a funny attic smell; it is extremely tough to visually look at the mold. Property inspection is the only way to find an immediate solution to mold growth. These are seven alarming situations that suggest immediate action:

    1. Damp and Humid Environment:

    If your property is in a damp locality, there are high growth chances of mold too. Mold is a fungus that comprises minute spores. These spores germinate in wet and humid environments very quickly. Therefore, if your home or office is in a damp locality, you better get your building checked.

    2. Seepage and leakage:

    Plumage leaks and water seepage are two of the most integral causes of mold growth. The restoration process of mold reproduction increases manifolds with water flooding. So, if your ceiling leaks or your walls are damp, there are high chances of mold growth in the region.

    advanced mold detection services
    3. Constant foul smell:

    Mold may not always be visible; however, it may be tracked by a funny, musty smell. You can easily detect this distinct mold’s odor from a couple of foot inches. While many people do not show alarming reactions to exposure to mold spores, sensitive people may develop allergies after smelling a mold.

    4. Resultant respiratory disorders:

    Respiratory diseases are one of the most common aftermaths of mold exposure. People develop sneezing, wheezing, cough, skin rash, itching, sinusitis, and shortness of breath by coming in contact with molds. Asthmatic patients are prone to molds as they might develop severe respiratory difficulties.

    5. Visible mold growth:

    While most molds are not visible, some are visible to the naked eye. If you look at a slimy, rusty fungus, you may want to call the Moldtesters for immediate mold removal. The mold can be green, blue, yellow, and black. If you see a mold growing in your vicinity, be quick to take the next step.

    6. Old building/residence:

    When people start living in old buildings and flats, they usually ignore the hazards that come with the deal. Many old buildings are not tested for molds, thereby hiding several mold spots in the region. Before moving into a new residence that has already been used, you must get your property thoroughly checked for a mold inspection.

    7. New land purchase:

    One of the essential mold check-ups is needed while buying a new house or property. The new property holds unknown health hazards that must be analyzed by a certified mold expert. If you are looking for a new home, make sure it is safe for your loved ones.

    If you have spotted any of these symptoms on your property, you must get immediate expert advice. At, we help in creating a mold-free environment with clean air to breathe in. Take complete responsibility for the safety of your family or coworkers, and provide mold-less solutions to the people you care for.

    Call us today for excellent and advanced mold inspection services at reasonable prices.

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