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We spend a large portion of our day at home or the office. Therefore, safe and toxin-free air quality is essential to avoid toxic respiratory disorders and allergies. If you are looking for suitable mold testing services, Mold Testers 561 provide high-quality mold testing services in the USA. If you are concerned about sudden mold growth in your property, give us a call on our toll-free number and get the mold gone forever.

Our team of expert specialists will provide you free consultation services on call. Once we get your address, our experienced inspectors will analyze your property to detect mold. Firstly, we look for the visual mold around the place. Our microbial specialists then look for invisible mold growths through advanced technological equipment. The sample is collected and sent to our high-tech affiliated laboratory for quick results. Then we deliver the complete report of recommendations and results to the customer for thorough analysis.

Our services:

  • Free call consultation
  • Mold testing services
  • Mold thermal images inspection
  • Visual mold inspection
  • Mold sampling
  • Advanced laboratory testing
  • Mold testing for residential area
  • Mold testing for commercial property
  • Complete report with results and recommendations
  • Mold remediation

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    Why are we better than the rest?

    Mold testing is an essential component of a safe and eco-friendly environment. Some molds can even cause severe allergic reactions on exposure. So, it is critical to consult a trustworthy mold removal company that provides quality-assured work in the quickest time. Mold Testers 561 uses years of experience to ensure complete mold remediation. Our skilled staff will utilize their expertise to make sure your home is safe from any mold growth.

    Our company also offers the most affordable mold testing packages for residential and commercial areas. Mold Testers is a certified, licensed, and highly experienced mold testing company renowned for its excellent services around the Florida, USA.

    Why is mold testing crucial?

    Mold is a fungus that grows on organic surfaces exposed to moisture. These slimy spores’ germinate in a damp, humid environment. Typically invisible, molds can sometimes be visible to the human eye. Molds also have a musty smell that indicates their progressive propagation that can be toxic to you and your loved ones.

    8 reasons why mold testing is needed:

    Here are some reasons why mold testing is critical for every home or office:

    1. Clean indoor air quality:

    The air quality in your room defines your health. Our bodies need a safe and secure environment to grow. Molds can disturb the air balance in your room by pumping out spores into your surroundings. Moreover, these spores can cause devastating health damage and lower the quality of air on your property. Mold testing can clean up your indoor air quality and help in creating a breathable environment.

    2. Low risk of respiratory diseases:

    While most molds do not cause much damage, some molds can result in severe respiratory disorders. According to EPA, molds can become a source of impactful health hazards. Some common respiratory issues caused by molds are sneezing, flu, itching, sinusitis, rashes, redness of the skin, or cough. Mold testing allows a complete analysis of the type of mold growing in your environment. Uprooting such molds can save you and your family from real respiratory damage.

    3. Safety for asthmatic patients:

    Asthma is a condition where a person’s breathing ability is hindered due to the narrowing of the air passageways. An external agent, like mold spores, can trigger such inflamed airways of an asthmatic person. So, it is primarily essential to keep a check on any unforeseen mold growth for asthmatic patients.

    4.A health issue for kids:

    Are you concerned for your kid’s safety and wellbeing? Mold Testers understand your genuine concern for your loved ones. Kids have a developing immune system that can easily be affected by an external toxin like molds. Mold testing can allow quick mold detection and removal by advanced mold thermal image inspection techniques. Do your part in creating a safe, hygienic environment for your kids by getting your home mold tested.

    5. Reduced risk of structural damage:

    Imagine a slimy spore chain creeping through your ceiling. It looks disgusting, and it is also damaging your exterior value. Molds can creep through walls in a damp environment, so there are high chances your wall may suffer from paint break-outs and damages. Immediate mold testing can deteriorate these molds and bring a cleaner outlook to your property.

    6. Security from deadly molds:

    Most molds are not very damaging to our environment. However, some molds can cause severe damage to health, land, and our ecosystem. Black molds are the deadliest molds that can cause severe allergic reactions, choking and even death.

    7. Removal of visible molds:

    Some molds are visible while others are not. Why is this so? To be precise, invisible molds are small mold populations that are not fully expanded. On the contrary, if a mold propagated, it can be seen through the naked eye. Visible spores have highly grown spores that are spread around the air. Such molds can cause many allergies, respiratory disorders, and environmental side effects.

    8. No musty smells:

    Nobody likes a foul smell lingering through the corridors. The typical musty smell of molds can be highly unpleasant to the people in the area. Moreover, smellable mold indicates high-intensity growth of molds in the area. The molds are visible and smelling earthy because of their immense production. Such a condition requires immediate expert opinion to save the people from an unlikely odor.

    At Mold Testers 561, we provide professional mold testing solutions to all our clients located in the USA. Our testing process is simple and confidential. We look for the perfect solution to your problems and provide dedicated services. From consultation to mold testing reports, our customer representatives will walk you through the process.

    Book your mold testing service today by calling us at our number 561-886-8241 and seek advice from the experts.

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