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We are a licensed company, our staff is certified, and we provide insured water damage restoration services in Florida.

Water damage restoration is an effortful job that requires complete expertise, focus, and resources to achieve long-lived sustainable solutions. Mold Testers 561 provides experienced, professional water damage restoration services around Florida. With a team of fully trained, certified, and experienced professionals, we aim to deliver the best solutions to all our residential and commercial clients around the region. Whether you are dealing with a natural weather calamity or an accidental water damage incident, you can call us anytime at our 24/7 available telephonic number (561) 886-8241. You can also get in contact with us through our email address admin@moldtesters561.com.

Common causes of water damage

Water damage is one of the most severe problems in Florida today. With several hurricanes and storms hitting the southern bench, residents of Florida are always at risk of water damage. Many natural calamities can cause water damage to the property of homeowners. Some of these calamities are also due to a lack of maintenance or unexpected incidents. Here are some common reasons why water damage occurs for residential and commercial properties.

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    Water damage restoration Florida company


    Flooding is a common and harmful reason for water damage in Florida. It contains dirt, germs, bacteria, and viruses. Most commonly, the water in a flood is black, i.e., untidy water that can potentially destroy the structure of properties in a couple of minutes.


    Property leakage is another issue related to water damage. Leaks from pipes, roofs, and sinks can lead to serious health hazard contaminants like molds. Molds tend to grow in damp, moist, and humid environments. Leakage provides the perfect place for mold and mildew to thrive, leading to growth on walls and corners of your house, weakening your walls.


    Strong storm gusts have the power to destroy the exterior and interior of any residential or commercial property. Storm damage is another damage that cannot be restored on one’s own. It needs professional restoration services to ensure that the water is removed appropriately. Any water that remains on the property can lead to severe damage to your property and to your health.


    Hurricane is the worst of all-natural disasters. Florida has experienced the worst of all hurricanes that have ruined the lives of people all around. Hurricane damage needs restoration immediately paired with water damage restoration and removal services. The contaminants in hurricane water can lead to property damage and even cause issues to your health and well-being.

    Professional water damage restoration services in Florida

     Professional water damage restoration is needed to prevent water damage from becoming a long-lived issue. It is easier to prevent and secure yourself from damage by calling out professionals who have experience in the field. Homeowners often avoid seeking professional help because they think it wastes time and money. On the contrary, it is an investment to seek sustainable solutions. Mold Testers 561 is a company with years of professional experience in mold restoration, water damage restoration, and other property restoration and remediation services.

    Mold Testers 561 for complete water damage restoration

    Mold Testers 561 is a company with years of professional experience in residential and commercial property damage restoration. With a team of fully licensed, certified, and experienced professionals, we deliver a complete solution to all your problems. We believe in delivering excellence through our services by providing you with quick, effective, and sustainable solutions. Our team ensures the provision of custom-made solutions for you and your loved ones. Call us today at 561-886-8241 any time, 24/7.

    How do we provide our restoration services?

    Mold Testers 561 provides restoration services in a series of stages, as stated below:

    Analysis of property

    Property damage needs formal analysis by a team of experts; they thoroughly check your property to estimate the damage that has occurred and the potential for damage in the future.

    Inspection for damage

    We will inspect your property by looking for water, taking samples, testing, and analyzing the impact it has caused. This stage is essential to understand if the water damage substantially impacted your health or property.

    Removal process

    The water removal step is where our team will remove the water from your property and thoroughly cleanse it from any form of damage. This stage may require you and your house members to stay out of the property for the time being.

    Thermal inspections

    Thermal inspection is the next stage, where our team members will undergo thermal inspections to check for water damage through our advanced infrared technology. Our infrared cameras are equipped with high technology to detect moisture that can be removed appropriately.

    Cleanup process

    Now, we will cleanse the entire property of all the damage caused by water. It may include water, dirt, and other waste products. This process will provide you with a safe, hygienic living environment. 


    Humidity is another enemy of your property that can lead to the growth of many organic microorganisms. Our team will undergo the dehumidification process to remove any humidity caused by dampness or moisture.

    Structural drying

    The next stage is structural drying, where we will fully dry out your property from the moisture content due to water damage. Our adjustable moving structural dryers will help dry all of your residential or commercial property.

    Recommendation report

    Finally, we will provide you with a recommendation report that includes all the details of the water damage and its restoration service. Our goal here is to deliver all the aspects of services and future suggestions from our experts to lead to sustainable solutions.

    Why is Mold Testers 561 better than other home restorers in Florida?

    Mold Testers 561 is a company with over a decade of professional work experience. Our company is equipped with high technology for remediation and restoration. We cater your services through a team of specialists with expertise in the field. All our members are fully certified, licensed, and approved for delivering restoration services. Our company will take complete control of the situation, and provide affordable, sustainable solutions for a lifetime.

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    Water damage restoration Florida company

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