How to solve the case of winter window mold growth?

You must have witnessed mold spores propagating on the wall or a piece of bread now and then. The disgusting sight of mold growing nn one’s assets is tormenting the soul. There are more cases of mold attacks and damage in the winters. One of the common complaints in the winters is the mold growth on the windows. Why does mold grow specifically on the windows? Is there a reason why mold finds refuge in window sills and castings? The answer to all these questions is yes! 

So, if you are troubled with the winter window mold situation, this 5-minute read is definitely for you.

What are the causes of winter mold growth in the winters?

There are many reasons why molds choose to grow on the windows more than other parts of your property. First, if your windows are older, they may not insulate well. The lack of insulation results in condensation on the sills and trims. Secondly, the difference between the internal and external temperatures is highly different. People use heating systems to keep the rooms warm, while it is pretty cold outside. The glass and sills of the window get wet due to the temperature difference and create moisture. This moisture provides the perfect habitat for mold growth and propagation.

 Another common reason for winter mold growth on the windows is the lack of sunlight. Most people cover their windows with damps or curtains to prevent the cold from approaching their property. Lack of light serves as the perfect condition to help in mold growth. While the shades ensure a cozy winter feeling, it comes with the tradeoff of giving the ideal conditions to mold spores and mildew.

How can molds affect you and your property?

Molds of fungal organisms germinate through the production of spores. These organisms are blackish-brown in appearance with a pungent earthy odor. Mold grows when it has the condition to spread, including; darkness, humidity, and dampness. All these factors help the mold in producing more spores and propelling them out into the air. Inhaling spores can cause damage to your respiratory system and cause serious aftereffects. 

Some common symptoms include; cough, nausea, headaches, wheezing, sneezing, sinusitis, bronchitis, difficulty in breathing, triggering of asthma, redness of eyes, and other respiratory infections. 

The impact of molds has been significantly higher for children and the elderly with weak immune systems. Some studies show that mold can even have a detrimental impact on your lungs, causing a risk of lung cancer. Some molds like the black mold can cause a potential health risk for you and your loved ones. Not just your physical health, molds can also cause damage to your valuable assets. Food, clothes, and furniture can be tarnished easily on getting mold exposure. 

Many commercial properties and offices have also been under the impact of window mold growth. Most offices are designed so that the employees are in direct exposure to the windows. Mold growing on the windows can have implications on the workers, leading to a phenomenon known as “the building sickness”. According to this sickness, people in a similar vicinity face similar health issues due to an infecting agent. 

How to get rid of mold from the windows at home?

Many tactics can help you temporarily eradicate the mold attack from your windows. You can open the shades to give your windows the right amount of sunlight that hinders mold growth. Similarly, regular cleaning can also reduce the impact of mold manifold. You can also keep your windows dry by wiping them again and again to prevent dampness. Allowing airflow once in a while can also reduce the chances of mold growth. Another household technique is using bleach and water as a mixture to wipe your windows. This mixture allows you to get rid of molds and cause a cleaner window pane. 

Do I need professional mold remediation services?

As stated earlier, there are several household methods to get rid of mold and mildew. Unfortunately, not all methods can provide sustainable long-lasting results. Most of these techniques result in solutions that can give you a mold-free window, but they will not terminate the growth of molds in the future. Thus, you will be under a constant threat of mold attack in the future.

Professional mold remediation services can give you peace of mind and security for you and your loved ones. Experienced remediators can install high-quality windows that ensure better insulation to prevent mold growth. Moreover, these experts can also install shades that help get some sunlight indoors. They can also fill the gaps in your window with insulation to prevent wetness. Lastly, these specialists can provide you with the perfect solutions that help you maintain a mold-free property in the future. 

Mold Testers 561 for mold-free windows in the winters

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