Mold Inspection Services for Builders

Newly build houses need to be top-notch to impress the clients. While most builders understand the importance of frequent mold inspection, some unfortunately do not get the property inspected before giving it to the new owners. The worst-case scenario leads to unsatisfied customers complaining about the ingrown molds in the attic, basement, or storage cupboard. So, better safe than sorry. You need to give the newly crafted house a quick mold inspection check to figure out any suspected mold and mildew growth. A quick inspection will provide you relief and make your clients super happy with your creation. So, take the first step towards safety and get your mold inspection service by the experts.

What are Molds and Mildews?

Molds and mildews can cause severe damage to your health, property, and product worth. Both of these infectants are a part of the fungi family, also known as mycotoxins. Moreover, there is also a significant mushy and earthy smell to molds and mildews that indicate progressive mold growth. The two create a slimy, powdery layer on top of the house ceiling, floor, cupboards, beneath the furniture, in the bathrooms, or attic. Molds contain tiny spores that propagate in moisture and dark. Newly constructed houses are usually dark, and such places go uncleaned daily. Therefore, mold growth in such recently created infrastructures is commonly observed.

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    Mold Inspection Services for Builders by Mold Testers 561:

    If you are a builder working on your new project, you must get the house inspected before handing it over to your clients. Mold Testers 561 provides experienced mold inspection services to all clients in Florida, USA. Our team of specialists uses years of expertise to locate molds, and restore a clean environment. We use advanced equipment to analyze the molds and collect the samples. The samples are then taken to our high-tech affiliated laboratory, where the final results are quickly analyzed. We present the report of the mold sample without any delay. This report includes all the details of the mold infestation along with valuable suggestions from the mold experts. Get your construction site monitored for molds and create a sanitized, hygienic environment for the future owners and the workers.

    Why are we the best mold inspection company? has years of experience in mold testing, mold inspection, cleaning, and sanitization. Our company comprises dedicated workers who are eager to help people dealing with the notorious molds. With the global pandemic causing enough damage to people’s health globally, we use our skillful techniques to ensure no further damage by these mycotoxin infestations. We use advanced equipment to locate the molds in your building and analyze their type, troubling potential, and remediation strategies. Moreover, our quality services are coupled with highly affordable prices to suit the comfortability of all of us equally.

    Our Services:

    • Free online customer consultation
    • Complete visual mold inspection
    • Advanced equipment to locate molds
    • Mold sampling
    • Advanced laboratory reports
    • Results with recommendations

    Where do we provide services?

    Mold Testers 561 provides valuable services to our clients residing in Florida, USA. Our company does not have any requirements to provide you service. Your sustainability is our priority; therefore, we will present valuable inspection services to all customers situated in the country.

    Five reasons why a mold inspection is crucial for builders

    Although, mold testing is critical for all kinds of property including, houses, offices, retail shops, or yachts. Mold inspection services are highly integral for the newly constructed residences. Check these five foremost reasons why a mold inspection is crucial for builders:

    1. First impression matters

    Imagine building a house for someone, and the first thing you notice is mold growing on the corner of the porch. Customers become extremely angry with such a situation, and they might as well reject the offer altogether. So, make sure that your first impression is good enough to make your work shine brightly. Builders must get a complete mold inspection to ensure a safe and good-looking environment for the customers.

    2. Safety of the builders

    Molds and mildews are often ignored and assumed to be harmless. While some molds do not cause any damage, most of them can cause alarming allergic reactions. Some symptoms of intense mold attack may include sneezing, coughing, wheezing, breathing difficulty, sinusitis, triggered asthma, and bronchitis. Exposures to deadly molds, like the black mold, can cause a severe allergic reaction and some cases, even death. Avoiding such health hazards would be socially responsible.

    3. Safety of the clients

    People move into your buildings with their families. Many families include young children and the elderly, both of whom have a weaker immune system. Molds and mildews can attack people with a weak immune system. It is your responsibility as a builder to provide a safe and sanitized environment to your clients. Unfortunate events in the future can impose serious guilt on your shoulders that may last forever.

    4. Damage to the building

    The newly created building must be in perfect shape and form to stand out from the rest. You do not just want to get customer satisfaction; you want to achieve that state of delight. So, unmanaged buildings with a dense population of molds can be a complete turn-off. Mold and mildew testing can ensure the safety of your building and protect it from any suspected harm.

    5. Improved brand image

    Buyers have become extremely intelligent today. People do not invest in places that do not bring them value. As a builder, you must dedicate your time and money to create a distinguished brand image. If your customer learns that you have already mold tested the place, they will find a value-added to your service. They might also spread the word and bring positive word of mouth for your brand image.

    If you suspect molds and mildews in your construction site, give us a call on our number at 561-886-8241. Our highly skilled staff will reach your destination and provide value-added services to win your heart. Book your appointment today and get help from the professionals.

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